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Resident Counselor
Faith Tunstall, LPC

Faith’s inner drive to help people led her journey to becoming a licensed counselor. She understands the stigma surrounding mental health and wants to change that, especially for her African American communities and for men. Everyone needs to understand it is okay to seek help. You cannot always do it alone.

Unexpected life events can seem like setbacks. Faith is optimistic that anyone can overcome life’s challenges but sometimes you need support. Someone independent to hear your voice. The use of evidence-based treatment can give you the clarity to handle whatever happens in life.

When working with people, Faith provides a safe, nonjudgmental place to open up. She helps you to understand how your emotions trigger in different situations and learn to regulate them to maintain harmony in your life. As she walks her path, Faith faces her own personal and professional battles. So talking with her, you know she understands that therapy helps when you need it. Faith says, “Lean on me and I will guide you to that light you seek.”

As a licensed professional counselor-resident and substance abuse treatment professional-resident, Faith works with adolescents and adults from diverse backgrounds. Her focus is on giving people the skills to relieve depression, anxiety, grief, and trauma. She currently receives licensed supervision with Ms. Shatanya Walker, LPC, LSATP.

Education is important. Her key training areas are in mental and behavioral health, and substance abuse. She completed her master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in North Carolina. Faith has also done training with H.O.P.E. Counseling and Consulting, located in Winston-Salem, NC and training with Health and Wellness of VA located in Danville, VA . She started as a Qualified Mental Health Professional in the state of Virginia where she worked one-on-one with children and adults with various mental health issues. From beginning as a qualified professional, Faith saw a need to go higher to do more for people who need this mental health assistance

Faith works with individuals with personality disorders, and co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders. Clients often ask for assistance with medication management. So she talks to them about the importance of taking the medications prescribed.

With a passion for helping people succeed, she helps them navigate their ups and downs. A belief in treating everyone fairly and with respect, you have to earn it. She commits to looking after her own mental health and continues to better herself. Faith continually seeks new knowledge and wisdom to pass on to her clients.

Faith’s message is you do not need to handle everything alone. “If you feel that nothing is working to help you overcome a difficult situation, then it is time to seek therapy.”

Contact Aram Wellness Center today to make a time to see Faith when ready to make changes in your life.


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