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Resident in Counseling
Maya Lidell, M.Ed., NCC

Maya, a certified National Counselor with the NBCC, is a dedicated Resident in Counseling based in Virginia. She harbors a deep-seated passion for assisting teens and young adults, focusing primarily on identity development and helping them navigate the complexities of modern life.

She holds a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Film Studies from George Washington University (2014). Furthering her educational journey, Maya earned an M.Ed. in Counselor Education from the University of Virginia in 2018.

Her vast expertise includes addressing mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, family dynamics, workplace pressures, academic stress, life transitions, and more. Beyond addressing challenges, Maya also emphasizes nurturing self-esteem and personal development. With a client-centric ethos, Maya celebrates the individuality of each person she works with. She crafts a comprehensive and personalized strategy for her clients, built on a foundation of trust and a nurturing environment. Her therapeutic techniques fuse cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and person-centered approaches.

Maya began her mental health career as a school counselor, engaging with diverse communities. It was in this role that her passion for turning adversities into growth opportunities blossomed, benefiting both students and their families. A fervent advocate for mental health, Maya consistently challenges societal stigmas around emotional well-being and champions the value of mental care. Guided by the conviction that no one should navigate their struggles alone, she remains committed to supporting her clients through their unique journeys.

On a personal note, Maya believes in self-care and the joy of indulging in personal passions. An avid reader and food enthusiast, she often ventures outdoors on pleasant days, exploring new neighborhoods or seeking out novel culinary delights.


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